Where do people go for their holidays?

This term we are investigating the question – Where do people go for their holidays?  Looking at the variety of places people like to travel to, learning how to read maps and what is the difference between living in a large city or down by the seaside. Throughout our work we will be following the theme of travel reading lots of story and information books about pirates.  We will be finding out what Tom did when the “Night Pirates” came to visit or what the “Man whose mother was a Pirate” did when she wanted to see the sea again. night piratesWhere do you like to go on holiday?


Would you become a member of a swashbuckling crew?pirate ship4Can you follow the pirate code?

What lives in our school grounds?

This term we will be investigating the question – What lives in our school grounds?  Looking at how plants and trees grow along with the small animals or insects that live around them.

We will be reading lots of information texts researching how different things live in the environment along with fun stories like Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar, introducing the children to the variety of changes a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.

What creepy crawlies do you think live just passed the gates into the wooded area?

Over in the meadow

In the classroom we are making a minibeast research area so we can look closely at the different types of living things that call our school their home and how these develop and grow through the year.  Asking questions like why do spiders spin a web? Or how fast can a snail move?


Do monsters really exist?

I hope you all had a well earned rest and enjoyable half term break and are now ready for a full and interesting Lenten period, building up to Easter.  This term we are answering the question – Do monsters really exist? monsters

In class we will focus on reading fun and interesting stories like the ‘Gruffalo’ and ‘Where the wild things are’, where the children will get the chance to discuss how different characters might feel and develop their story telling skills by writing what might happen next.   

Along with reading and writing imaginary stories we will also be learning about real monsters like dinosaurs, finding out facts and writing our own information books.


Are there any monsters in the school woods? 

Have you heard the Gruffalo growling?

Why not visited the Gruffalo website to find out lots of interesting facts and play some fun games.



Did my Nan have a ripstick?

It is hard to believe Christmas has come and gone already.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday period with friends and family.  This term we are answering the question – Did my Nan have a ripstick?


In our work we will be looking at different types of toys from what we received for Christmas to what our Mums, Dads or grandparents played with when they were children.  We have already started reading a short story called ‘The Magic Toy Shop’ where all the toys come to life to help the toymaker and will be looking at many more traditional tales and modern fiction stories throughout the term.


What’s in the toy box?

 We will also be investigating what our toys are made out of and if old toys are as much fun as the ones we can get now.

What is your favourite toy?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Well the dark nights are here once again and already the countdown has begun for Christmas.  This term we are answering the question – Are you afraid of the dark?

In our work we have started reading the book “The Owl who was afraid of the dark,” and looking at all the wonderful things you would miss if you always hid away from the darkness.

We already have a dark den in the classroom for the children to investigate and see what lurks in the shadows and have been looking at why we celebrate Bonfire Night.

Update – 27 November

The children have continued to work hard on their topic work looking at the different things that help us see in the dark from the moon and the stars to man-made things like torches and street lights.

We have learnt about constellations like ‘the Plough’ (Big Dipper)

and other parts of the night sky.

We are now going to begin looking at animals that prefer to come out at night time including ‘Plop’ the Barn Owl from our class story.


Why am I special?


Welcome to Year One

It is hard to believe we are already on our second week of this term, the children have all been settling in well and working hard on our first topic.  This term we are answering the question – Why am I special?

In our work we are focussing on reading fun and interesting stories like Elmer, where the children will get the chance to discuss how although we might all be different we all have talents and unique qualities that make us special.  Along with reading imaginary stories we will also be looking at information books about what we look like and the people who take care of us. 

Old English rhyme

This could be…

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